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How does a cell - the smallest unit of life - look like under the microscope? How do everyday chemicals which are used in medicines, cosmetics, or other products that surround us affect the health of cells or other organisms?

Slow dynamic processes in cells such as division and migration, the change of cellular shape and the communication between cells are extremely complex and fascinating. Do you agree?! With xCell everyone becomes a cell biologist! We offer a video microscope for time-lapse imaging of biological samples, which is easy to use, affordable and also compact & portable.      

School and university curricula
Do you teach science with dedication? We do too! xCell will allow you to share your joy! Our products are appropriate for all ages between 5-99 years. Invite everyone to experience science with
xCell !

Are you looking for an exciting research project?
xCell enthuses just everyone - from primary school to university! Now you can experiment like a real scientist and unravel the mysteries of life.

Biomedical Research
In academic or clinical research
xCell provides basic functions of a professional time-lapse microscope and extends the existing infrastructure to a cost-effective, compact and intuitive tool for scientific operations.

Alternative Medicine
Extend the range of your diagnostic procedures to time-lapse studies of saliva, urine, stool or blood samples and thus improve the success of holistic healing therapy

Do-it-yourself scientist

Which organisms live in my compost pile and in the nearest lake or river? Under which conditions does baker's yeast or mold on the cheese grow best? Find it out with xCell and work like a scientist.