Hard- & Software                                                                              


Manufacturing process

For the development and the manufacturing of xCell we used Rapid Prototyping technologies such as a 3D printer to create xCell’s plastic matrix and the necessary build-in parts (software: “Designer Spark Mechanical” and 3D CAD Software) as well as the layout editor “Fritzing” todesign the printed circuit boards.

xCell is a time-lapse microscope that particularly captivates with its compact design. The cube with an edge length of 7.87 inches is portable and fits on every desk! The reinforced aluminum frame with a plastic skeleton makes xCell lightweight and durable at the same time. Whether in the laboratory or in your living room - with the transparent side surfaces made of Plexiglas and the luminous Arduino boards xCell becomes a stylish-decorative component of your environment!


·         Arduino microcontroller prototyping boards

·         NTC temperature sensors

·         CO2 sensor

·         Humidity sensor

·         Solenoid valve to control the CO2 content

·         Heating wire (silicone insulated heating cable)

·         Carbon Film Resistors

·         Transistors

·         Diodes

·         Voltage regulator

·         Modified USB Webcam

·         Stepper motors for the cross table

·         Subsub-miniature switches

·         Switching power supply

·         Light sources: LEDs

·         Shields / boards

·         WiFi module

·         USB cable


Starting today, anyone – even without a lengthy training – can control & use a time-lapse microscope!

Since we placed our focus on the essential functions of a time-lapse microscope during software development, xCell facilitates your work considerably.

The hardware control of xCell runs using "Arduino IDE" via Arduino microprocessor boards. With the intuitive and clearly structured user interface, which is based on the software "LabView", xCell offers you the playfully easy handling of your own portable time-lapse microscope!